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We are a sign company, our forte is creating and designing signage. We are even better if we can get our hands on it right away. From the branding process to the installation of your new sign, the earlier we can get involved and begin communicating the better. Whether it is a collaborative effort or we are designing something from scratch, our design team is highly educated & qualified to create an impact on your environment and brand. Given the chance, we would love the opportunity to design it all: Logo, print materials, and signage. Summit Sign and Graphics can not only develop a unique image, but we can create something that will fit any budget. Take a look at a few projects we have done in the past.



Your logo tells the world what to expect from you. A strong, effective logo is one of the most useful resources for creating trust with a potential client. Our design team will take responses from our custom questionnaire and begin our process of creating the symbol that is fitting for your company. There are many choices when it comes to developing a brand image, there is no one better suited to guide you through that process than Summit Sign and Graphics.



Creating a brand image from scratch is difficult enough. However, if you are looking to beef-up your current logo, website or other collateral, we are here for you. Our talented team of graphic designers will evaluate what you would like to accomplish and where you are now. We will then give you a custom consultation on how you can achieve your goals without straining your budget.



One key factor that separates Summit Sign and Graphics is our attention to detail. When you are bidding large sign projects and need a reliable company to lay out a clear, concise plan to get the job done right, look no further. The entire Summit Sign and Graphics team individually evaluates your needs and creates a custom plan from design to fabrication and installation. If you need the job done right the first time, trust Summit Sign and Graphics.



A classic way to open a conversation with your client base is reliable marketing materials designed, printed and shipped from Summit Sign and Graphics. Our graphic design professionals will create a campaign designed exactly for your company’s needs. Whether it is for customer use or for internal purposes, we are experts at making your message stand out in innovative and creative ways.



Sometimes, standard files given to most customers by other graphic design companies is a raster, or edit-unfriendly files. We know that you have bigger things to worry about and are glad to convert your existing files into a vector format for effortless size/graphic editing. Let us take a peak at your pixelated logo today! Not sure you have the right file? Contact us today and we can help!

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